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The Islamic Cultural Center provides the service of Islamic religious union between people.


To access the service it is necessary to go to the headquarters of the Islamic Cultural Center (via Maiolica 17) on Friday, after the community religious function, the Jum'a prayer and to agree in person an appointment for the day and time in which it will take place. the Union.


Only in exceptional cases is it possible to make an appointment by telephone by contacting the President of the Center at +39 3487736593.


The documentation to be delivered when the appointment is agreed is as follows:


  • free status certificate for both persons;

  • photocopy of both valid identity documents (front / back);

  • 2 passport-size photographs (for each of the applicants).


The cost of the procedure (preliminary investigation, ceremony and issue of the certificate) is € 70.00.

Outside of this amount, applicants remain free to make a donation themselves according to their intentions and possibilities.

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