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La scrittura araba


Basic Arabic language course for young people and adults

Have you always had the curiosity to learn Arabic? Or the need, for travel reasons, work? Or maybe you'd just like to dispel the myth "Arabic is an impossible language"?

"Dawra" is the Arabic language course for beginners proposed by the Islamic Cultural Center of Trieste that will suit you.


Through the active and interactive teaching, fun and at the same time serious, by Egyptian and Palestinian native speakers , pupils will have the opportunity to acquire language skills and cultural knowledge that will allow them to communicate confidently and confidently in situations of daily order.


The course will be held in English .




The course will have a total duration of 48 hours (4 months). Classes start scheduled for November 18, 2020.




Wednesday and Friday 18.00-19.30




In order to access the course, pre-enrollment is required no later than November 15, 2020. Pre-enrollment will be possible online by clicking here, or by telephone by contacting the Ar-Rayan School Director












The course imposes a registration fee, with a symbolic amount of 50.00 euros, aimed at supporting the School and allowing them to implement their activities. It will be paid at the time of enrollment on site, on the day the lessons begin.




To be able to attend the course it is necessary to have the books that the Center will provide at the time of enrollment.




Basic knowledge of the English language.




Consistency and seriousness are required in participating in the lessons.






Mon-Tue 8: 00-11: 00

Wed-Fri 14: 00-17: 00


040 772370

+39 3473219733

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